Home and so much More – Here’s how we can help.

Interior Design can sound daunting ( and expensive) so we at Home and More offer easy, approachable, affordable help and advise.  We can offer as little or as much as you would like, to make your plans come to life!

If you just have a room, space or area you are not sure about how to finish.

Mixing old and new furnishings – not everyone wants to start afresh or part with something sentimental.

Holiday home need a bit of a refresh – it’s surprising how moving pieces about can make a difference.

Fancy starting a holiday business – we have lots of experience and can help with setting up and can even help with the whole package.

Moving to the area – where to start, who to ask/ where to go. A new life in the country can be daunting as well as soo exciting – we have lived and worked around Penrith and have years of experience to help you with your new home – large or small.

We are a friendly, approachable team who do our utmost to help with whatever your needs.

Please feel free to call in for a chat or message .